How To Support Your Back At The Workplace

You have no doubt already heard this before, but it is very important to do everything you can to keep your back and your spine supported, especially at the place you work, in order to maintain optimal physical health. Even though it may not seem like it, many people’s workplaces are actually plagued with poor ergonomics and a lack of crucial support that is needed for the back and spine so that they can function to the best of their ability.

The simple truth about this is that if you want to be able to put in your best performance and improve your productivity at the workplace, you also need to make sure that you are allowing your back and spine to do the exact same thing for the sake of your body’s overall physical health.

I recently came across a very helpful article post by Care 2 that provides some excellent advice on how to keep the back and spine supported while toiling long hours away at work, and I would be glad to pass on the information I learned to anyone currently reading this who is admittedly unsure of how to start improving their work station for better back health. 

One of the top reasons why people experience back aches and pains at work is due to poor posture – and one of the top reasons why people experience poor posture is due to a poorly designed work station. Fortunately, you can take your health into your own hands and fix this. Start by making sure your chair isadjusted properly to your body. When you sit down, your feet should be touching the ground completely, and the back of your buttocks should rest against the back of the chair.

If you are seated at a desk with a computer, make sure that the computer screen is at eye level, and that you aren’t straining your neck or your arms forward in order to reach the screen or keyboard. You may want to consider trying out a standing-sitting desk if you can, in order to stay mobile and flexible throughout the day. Alternatively, you may want to try swapping out your desk chair for an exercise ball. As ridiculous as it may initially sound, sitting on an exercise ball will keep your back straight, improving your posture drastically. As an added bonus, you’ll be working out your core abdominal muscles. 

Outside of the workplace, you may find benefit from regular chiropractic adjustments, which may make it that much easier to keep a healthy posture while at work. 

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