Why Your Late-Night Texts Are Breeding A Useless You

a close up of someone textingThe lights are out and the moon is, too– so why are you still on your cell phone? Checking your email to see if your employer responded yet? Checking out the awesome features on your new iPhone? Texting a rowdy boyfriend or girlfriend?

Whatever the case, can’t it wait until tomorrow? It certainly should, as all that late-night free time enjoying your smartphone could make it so you’re not enjoying your excursion to Dreamland. Don’t believe me? Check out below the cold hard facts about how bed time and phone time don’t mix:

Late-Night Phone Use Could Wreck Your Sleep

Whatever your usual bedtime routine might be, it should never involve your phone. If it does, the time to stop is now– plug your phone into an outlet away from your bed so you won’t be tempted to reach down and check it one more time before going for some shut-eye. After all, people who include “checking my phone” as part of their usual bedtime routine are more likely to have poorer sleep health.

Also, put it on silent, please– when your phone has sound or is even on vibrate, it leaves you vulnerable to all the sounds your phone might make when alerting you of any late-night notifications. You know, those very ones that have been known to wreck your evening by first waking you up and then stressing you out after that?

Speaking of waking up in the middle of the night, disrupted sleep like that could even be worse for you than not getting sleep at all, claims research found in Sleep Medicine. Researchers realized that seven hours of disrupted sleep is about as good for you as only sleeping all the way through a dismal four hours. Even though their research was on parents of infants and young children, the outcomes are still applicable to other, no-kids-in-the-house adults. Such late-night awakenings don’t even have to be very long, claims Avi Sadeh, PhD, researcher and professor of psychology. They could even be “only five to 10 minutes—but they” still can wreck your body’s natural sleep rhythm.

So the next time you find yourself tempted just to check your texts one last time, don’t– you could be setting up trouble for your attention span, mood, and usefulness the following day!

Still don’t believe me? Sleep on it!

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