Why You Should Be Eating More Dried Plums

I’ve been eating dried plums, also known as prunes, since I was pretty young, thanks to my mom’s insistence that I snack on two or three as a sweet treat before bedtime. I’m glad that my mom instilled in me the importance of eating such healthy snacks as dried plums, especially now that I’ve read a post by Care 2 that highlights the health benefits that they provide for us.

Even though they’re often laughed off as a gross, wrinkly snack, prunes have been widely highly regarded by nutritionists and doctors alike for their ability to regulate the digestive tract. In case this wasn’t good enough, it turns out that dried plums are also fantastic at improving the strength of our bones.

Yes, you read that right. Prunes are the new milk. Researchers have successfully concluded through various scientific studies that prunes are the absolute best fruit for not only preventing bone loss, but having the ability to reverse it as well. Dried plums tend to have a better capability of improving bone density in various parts of the body, including the forearm, hip, and lower back area, than dried apples and other fruits, as well as many supplements, including supplements of calcium and vitamin D.

Dried plums were shown to have a strong link to a noticeable decrease in the breakdown of bone density within the body at all stages of life, but especially after menopause in women, which can be a dangerous time for maintaining bone health. These studies also further suggested that dried plums can actually work to decrease the body’s ability to produce compounds that often cause bone depletion.

One thing’s for sure – I’m definitely sticking to my routine of eating a few dried plums after dinner. In fact, I’ll probably start eating them on a regular, daily basis, since daily consumption of dried plums has been linked to increased bone density and overall improved bone health.

Regularly eating dried plums has also been shown to increase the absorption rates of iron in the body, not to mention boosting vitamin C levels as well. Toss in the fact that dried plums can also work to stabilize levels of blood sugar, lower levels of cholesterol in the body, and may possibly lead to increased weight loss, and it’s clear why these sweet fruits should be taken more seriously in the health community. Snack on a few on their own, or add them to smoothies as delicious, fiber-packed natural sweetening agents.

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