Why Owning A Dog May Improve Your Overall Health

While I don’t have anything bad to say about cats, I have to confess that I am much more of a dog person, probably because I grew up with two adorable canine companions as a child. Any dog owner, past or present, will be quick to tell you about all the ways in which having a dog has vastly improved their quality of life, and it turns out this may not be just a platitude or conventional thing to say.

Health and wellness experts have been making the connection between certain health benefits as they correlate to dog ownership, which just goes to show that owning a dog may be good for you in so many more ways than you ever could have imagined. 

For one thing, having a dog who needs to be walked every day can be a great way to fit in exercise into your daily routine. Maybe you don’t have the time or money to attend a gym near you, but you definitely have to make the time to go for a walk, or even a hike, on a regular basis with your dog. This will get you active and outside, which can help improve heart health and boost your mood.

Mood Swings

Speaking to your mood, it’s not exactly a secret that dogs make wonderful companions for keeping your spirits up. Just looking at a cheerful dog’s face is usually enough to get most people to smile, while the act of petting a dog can actually lower your blood pressure reduce the amount of stress in your body. 


If you’re raising a family, a dog can really help young children learn the importance of responsibilty and duty in a fun and safe manner. If you have yet to have children, but are planning to, getting a dog beforehand is some of the best “practice” you can get. 

Whether on the fence about heading to the local shelter to adopt a new furry friend, or you already know the joy of coming home to a loving, friendly face at the end of the day, it can’t be denied that dogs are inherently good for us in more ways than one.

Image used under Creative Commons Licensing courtesy of andy carter

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