Why One Mineral Magnetizes Good Health


Is it any surprise that the mineral boasting the heart health benefits with perhaps the most magnitude is none other than magnesium?

Before your tongue gets too wrapped up, think about it: magnesium has been found to play a critical role in both superior heart health and blood pressure. Studies have specifically shown that magnesium even helps other important minerals pass through cell walls to conduct their duties. This mineral also allows nitric oxide to expand artery walls, which permits increased blood flow regulation with each heart pump. In 2013, Dutch researchers even published two studies that found that low magnesium levels increase the likelihood of heart attacks by a whopping 60 percent. Furthermore, an increased intake of magnesium appears to lower the risk for high blood pressure.

Also, two large Harvard School of Public Health studies involving 70,000 doctors and nurses found that people who had the greatest amounts of magnesium in their systems had superior diastolic and systolic blood pressure readings. A University of Minnesota study only confirmed these findings; researchers evaluated about 8,000 people and realized that the risk for hypertension was 70 percent less in women with greater levels of magnesium in their blood. The disease was also 18 percent lower in men with lots of magnesium in their bodies, too.

Unfortunately for a whopping 45 percent of us here in America, though, we don’t get nearly enough of this vital mineral in our diets. If you take blood pressure drugs, understand that many diuretics can also lead to magnesium shortcomings. And don’t think taking a magnesium pill is the way to go, either– medical experts agree that the magnesium sourced from food is more beneficial, in large part due to the fact that you get other blood pressure-plummeting minerals simultaneously. 

Always remember to consult your physician or chiropractor before taking any health advice.

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