Why Is Saturated Fat So Bad For You?

Sure, there’s no doubt that by now you know that saturated fats are unhealthy and should be cut out of your diet as much as possible. But have you ever stopped to really take a moment and ask yourself why you should be chucking out saturated fats left and right? I mean, what exactly is it about them that makes them so damaging to your body?

This is all made even more confusing by the knowledge that some fats – unsaturated fats – are actually not only good for you, but downright essential for improving your health. I wanted an answer to end this confusion once and for all, so I read and read until I finally came across a great article by Fit Day that really breaks it all down easily. This is what I learned.

First of all, where exactly are saturated fats found? Knowing where to find them makes it that much easier to avoid them. As you can probably easily guess, junk foods and processed foods like candy, cookies, and chips are absolutely loaded with unhealthy saturated fats. However, there are some seemingly “good” foods that have high levels of saturated fat as well. These include some meats (mostly non-lean meat) and high-fat dairy foods, including milk and certain types of cheese.

Now, what do these fats do to your body that’s so negative? Too much saturated fat in the body can actually have the power to raise your blood cholesterol and cause imbalances in your levels of blood sugar and blood pressure. These all combine into a recipe for disaster – your risk for obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease can all skyrocket as a result of eating too many foods that are high in saturated fat content.

You can make simple substitutions in order to avoid getting too much saturated fat in your diet. Replace sour cream with Greek yogurt, swap out your regular cuts of meat for lean meat, and switch to low-fat milk or a milk substitute, such as almond or hemp milk. What fats are good for you? Olive oil and avocado are amazing foods that can be used in many meals that provide heart-health unsaturated fats. Chia seeds and many nuts can also be a great fatty snack – and no, they won’t contribute to weight gain as long as you keep your diet balanced with plenty of protein and fiber to keep your health in check. 

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