Why Chiropractors Are Fans of Low-Impact Workouts

We should all be fans of working out in general. However, if you can only motivate yourself to go crazy over one workout in particular, you’ll want to consider low-impact exercises. It’s best to participate in a variety of exercise types, mixing in low-impact with high-intensity workout routines, but sometimes this isn’t always possible. This is especially true for anyone who deals with chronic back pain, or patients who are recovering from an injury or strain to their back. If you’re in this position, it’s important to keep in mind the fact that the muscles in your back still need to be exercised in order to prevent stiffness. Low-impact workouts are simply the best option for people who need to stay active, but are also recovering from back pain. 

Why Low-Impact Workouts Are Helpful

At their nature, low-impact workouts are pretty much the safest a person can participate in. You have the ability to control many aspects of these workouts, from the pace you go at to the length of time you spend doing that particular activity. Having this sense of control is a positive thing for back pain patients, both physically as well as psychologically. With this type of workout, you’ll be less likely to overstrain your back, and you’ll be able to regain a sense of purpose and identity as you do so. 

The Best Low-Impact Workouts to Try

The simplest low-impact workout you should be doing is walking. Sounds pretty simple, right? Going for walks is a great way to loosen up your muscles and promote blood circulation throughout your body, but at a gentle pace. Incorporate a 15-minute walk through your neighborhood into your daily routine and you’ll be engaging almost every muscle in your body in a healthy way. 

When you’re ready to become a little more active, you can start to try out swimming and cycling. Swimming is great for gently conditioning the body, since water provides natural resistance. Cycling, meanwhile, can also tone the body. The great thing about these exercises is you can choose how fast you want to go, and how long you want to exercise for, for a smoother recovery process. 

In addition to these exercises, receiving chiropractic care can bring about much-needed pain relief in a natural and safe manner. Feel free to ask your chiropractor about more ways you can improve back health at home and at the gym.

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