Using Aquatic Therapy To Improve Chiropractic Benefits

When it comes to supplemental treatment methods that can be done in conjunction with chiropractic care, physical therapy remains one of the most successful and reliable choices.

In particular, aquatic therapy is a form of physical therapy that promotes exercise and movement in an aquatic environment for significant health gains and benefits. I have to admit that I really didn’t know too much about aquatic therapy before coming across a great article by Guide Doc that does a truly great job at outlining the many benefits that this physical therapy treatment option can provide for almost any patient undergoing any one of many health conditions and ailments.

So what is it about the unique properties of water that makes it so beneficial to improving your overall health and recovery rates from various ailments? In order for the answer to make sense, just think about how dense water is. Since it applies more pressure to our skin than air does, water can work to compress the muscles and joints that may be misaligned or otherwise causing us aches and pains somehow.

This compression, known in the medical world as hydrostatic pressure, essentially does for the body what a compression bandage does, by relieving aches and pains and forcing the heart and lungs to work harder, therefore becoming stronger in the process. Water can also work to dull the entire nervous system, which can very often lead to a sense of relief from pain and aches in most areas of the body. In this way,water can be more effective and less risky than taking medications for pain relief.

Besides the many health benefits that can be gleaned from simply sitting in water, patients who are able to actually move and exercise in a pool by performing various aquatic exercises find that their muscle fibers become strengthened at a faster and healthier rate, while any muscles that may have possibly atrophied as a result of a long period of rest following an injury or illness can become toned once more as a result of aquatic therapy exercises.

It’s also important to note that most aquatic therapy sessions keep water at a warm temperature, which works to promote and improve circulation of blood and therefore oxygen throughout the body. This can be very beneficial for any patient who has weak muscles in the heart or lungs. Combined with chiropractic adjustments, the massaging influence of aquatic therapy can benefit many patients.

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