Unexpected Ways To Improve Heart Health

Pssst. Want to know how to improve your heart health without diet or exercise?

Diet and exercise go together like peanut butter and jelly in terms of enhancing each other’s best qualities, according to virtually every healthcare expert. Consuming foods rich in nutritious value, combined with plenty of physical movement throughout the day, are two surefire ways to keep your body and mind at the top of their health game.

Although diet and exercise should always be monitored and taken seriously for the sake of your overall health, there are a couple of more particular habits and lifestyle choices you can take up in order to improve and maintain your cardiovascular health as well. These may may seem unexpected and you may have trouble relating them to heart health (I certainly did), but these relatively simple lifestyle choices can keep your heart pumping strong through the days to come.

Say What??

Reducing your exposure to loud noise levels may be a bit of a challenge in this day and age, yet it’s pretty important for keeping your cardiovascular health in check. This is because being exposed to loud noises can increase the amount of stress felt in the body, leading to an increased heart rate and raised blood pressure. If this happens on a regular basis, a person’s chance for developing a stroke or a heart attack begins to increase exponentially. Do your best to block out the noise of honking horns, traffic, and sirens in you everyday life. Listen to calming music during your commute, or wear earplugs or headphones when you want to get work done without interruptions. 

Sleep Tight

The amount of sleep you get each night can determine not just how tired or energized you feel during the day; it can impact your heart health as well. Studies have shown that people who get between 7-9 hours of sleep every night on a regular basis tend to have better heart health and a lower risk of developing a heart attack or stroke later on in life. Getting less sleep has been linked to increased blood pressure and the development of Type 2 diabetes, so be sure to make sleep a priority in your life.

Focusing on these two things in your daily regimen may help you live a longer, more stress-free life without ever setting foot on a treadmill or changing an eating habit. 

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