The Connection Between Back and Foot Pain

Have you ever experienced both back pain and foot pain at the same time? I actually have not had to deal with this, but I do know quite a lot of people, friends and family alike, who have, which is why I decided to do some more research on the matter.

That’s how I came across an article by The Chart, that offers up some very informative explanations that really do a good job in creating an understanding of the link between the feet and the back– or more specifically, the spinal column. I am happy to share what I learned here with you. Feel free to pass this knowledge along to anyone you may know who struggles with foot and back pain and soreness on a regular basis.

As it turns out, the way our bodies have evolved, plays a big role in understanding the connection between the feet and the spinal column. Scientists have noticed that humans tend to develop aches and pains in areas that even our closest animal ancestors and relatives have never experienced. After all, humans are the only mammals that are capable of developing the painful curvature of the spine that’s known as scoliosis.

When considering the origins of human’s unique aches and pains, consider the origins of our bodies as well. We developed from creatures whose bodies were horizontal and parallel to the ground. As we learned to be erect and upright, our bodies and spinal columns had to follow suit in order to provide the proper amount of support. Essentially, the body needed tofigure out how to support the hips over the feet, as opposed to having them be located on a more equal plane with each other.

The spinal column of a human being already deals with more strain than it was originally built for, so it definitely makes sense why we are so prone to developing aches and pains in the back area so relatively easily, especially compared to other mammals. Carrying heavy grocery bags and loaded boxes on a somewhat regular basis, does nothing to help support our spinal columns. Unfortunately, the foot was not designed in a way to properly provide support for the spine, which is why foot and back pain is so often linked together for many patients.

Getting regular chiropractic adjustments can help you find pain relief on your terms, for your feet and your back.

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