Planning A Healthy Spring Diet

Winter brings the joy of the holiday season and (for the kids) snow days, but there’s something about the arrival of spring that seems to perk up all of society. I know my energy and mood levels tend to get a boost as it stays lighter longer, and I’m not exactly a fan of trying to walk my dog in blustery winds and pelting rainstorms. Spring brings on a multitude of changes, including dietary ones. As certain foods fall out of season, new foods take their place. Unfortunately, some people may find they have trouble adjusting to these dietary choices, which is why it’s always good to know how to take the best care of your body, starting with the food you consume. 

Best Spring Foods

This season brings on a sense of cleanliness and freshness, which should be applied to your dietary options. Simple, healthy foods such as full-fat yogurt (for probiotics to promote better gut health) and fresh produce are great additions to your meals this time of year. Asparugus tends to be served in quite a lot of traditional spring meals, which is great news for your diet and overall health. This healthy green contains loads of prebiotics, which feeds the healthy bacteria in your gut and keeps them working strong. 

If you’re ready to get back to grilling, opt for lean proteins such as salmon or halibut, as opposed to red meats. Salmon in particular can provide lots of omega-3 fatty acids for better heart and brain health. 

Spring Foods to Steer Clear Of

As the snow melts, it seems we compensate for a lack of seeing white everywhere by dumping sugar into our drinks. Sweet teas and sodas are practically sugar water, and they contain hardly any nutritional value, if any. These types of drinks don’t even serve to bring hydration to your body, so you’re better off sticking with pure, fresh water. You could always add fresh fruit slices into your water for a refreshing seasonal update to make it a little more appetizing. 

Processed meats such as hamburgers and hot dogs also tend to make a comeback during this time of the year, but your body is better off without them. These foods often contain artificial preservatives and fillers which may harm your stomach by killing off beneficial bacteria. If you’ve ever felt indigestion after indulging on a hot dog, take your body’s suggestion and stick to a healthier meal in the future.

Cobb Salad at Perry’s at SFO by Neeta Lind is licensed under CC BY 4.0

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