High Stress Jobs May Cause Strokes

Research from several studies point to the possibility that having a high-stress job could lead to a higher incidence of strokes. In that past, studies have shown how having a pressure-packed occupation was related to greater risks for developing heart disease, but similar studies into whether the same held true for strokes have been less […]

Unexpected Ways To Improve Heart Health

Pssst. Want to know how to improve your heart health without diet or exercise? Diet and exercise go together like peanut butter and jelly in terms of enhancing each other’s best qualities, according to virtually every healthcare expert. Consuming foods rich in nutritious value, combined with plenty of physical movement throughout the day, are two […]

What Hiking Can Do For Your Health

We all know that getting physical exercise is good for our health, but have you ever realized how certain activities tend to provide more health benefits than others? Hiking is one such activity that can bring about many more health benefits than may have been previously thought. Of course, the act of getting up and moving […]

Hidden Signs Of Dehydration?

Dehydration: It’s bad for you, and surely you know this, but something that is even more astounding about this health issue is just how common it is – not to mention how easy it is to prevent in the first place. Most of us have experienced dehydration a few times in our lives, though it […]