Improve Your Posture With These Easy Exercises

Poor posture is one of the most common health ailments that affect a surprisingly large amount of the population. In this day and age, where many of us are so reliant on using technology simply to get through the day and connect with other, I’m honestly not entirely surprised by this. After all, I know I’ve caught myself hunched over my laptop or my smartphone, craning my neck in an unnatural and uncomfortable position for long stretches of time.

If you’re anything like me, you know that particular ache in your neck and shoulders you develop after spending a long day straining your neck muscles into an unnatural posture. Even if you aren’t a slave to technology, and major kudos to you for that if that is the case, everyone experiences posture problems at some point or another.

Fortunately, I recently came across a great post by Bodi Empowerment that offers up some great solutions for improving posture, and maintaining a healthier alignment of the spinal column overall. I’m happy to share with you some of the techniques and exercises offered up by this post, as well as some tips I’ve learned over the years from various sources. I’ve learned firsthand that combining these healthy exercises with regular chiropractic adjustments can successfully improve posture and overall physical health throughout the body.

It’s a good idea to start improving your posture by learning how to correctly stretch the Pectoralis Major and Minor areas of the back. To stretch the Pectoralis Minor, stand in an open doorway or corner with your arm resting on the edge, adjacent to your shoulder. Take a step forward and rotate your body away from the edge until you feel a slight stretch. After stretching for thirty to sixty seconds, it’s time to move to your Pectoralis Major. For this exercise, stand next to a wall and extend your arm behind you so it is touching the wall. Now rotate your body away from the wall for thirty seconds, and repeat this stretch three times.  

As you get more comfortable performing these basic stretches, there are many others you can perform that will gradually increase mobility and improve your overall posture. The next time you see your doctor of chiropractic for a regular adjustment, ask him or her about the strength of your posture, and what exercises you can do at home to improve your stance and your balance while waiting in between visits to the clinic. 

Used under Creative Commons Licensing courtesy of Benno Hansen

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