How Drinking Coffee Before a Workout Can Lead To Better Results

If you are anything like the vast majority of the U.S population, you no doubt begin your morning by brewing up a hot mug of coffee in order to wake up and get your day going on an energized path. You may have heard about some of the drawbacks to drinking too much coffee though, such as increased anxiety and interrupted sleeping patterns. Still, as long as you keep your caffeine intake in check, you will be able to enjoy its many benefits, from its natural antioxidants to its healthy boost of energy.

I myself generally drink one cup of coffee each morning, which is why I was intrigued and very glad to come across an article by Health that offered to discuss the benefits of drinking coffee right before a workout or exercise routine. As if you needed yet another excuse to drink coffee, keep on reading to learn more about how your caffeine habit can improve your fitness routine’s overall effectiveness. 

To start, scientific studies have successfully shown that regular coffee drinkers are more likely to experience increased blood flow throughout their body during and immediately after a workout. This is very important to consider, since adequate blood flow is needed in order for oxygen to be carried throughout the body and to all of your vital organs. With more adequate blood flow comes more energy and endurance, which are both necessary and vital when it comes to improved performance during a workout. 

In a similar vein, coffee can also work to reduce the amount ofpain, stiffness, or soreness in the muscles that many of us tend to experience after an especially grueling workout. This is mostly due to caffeine’s ability to improve oxygen flow to the muscles, so that they are better able to contract during a workout. Caffeine can also increase endurance during strength-training workouts, which will allow you to build up your muscle mass that much faster. What’s more is that over time, caffeine can prevent muscle mass from weakening as a result of the aging process.

Of course, this does not mean that you should be chugging down copious amounts of coffee every morning right before each and every workout. Ideally, just one cup of coffee consumed about thirty minutes before a workout should be enough for you to reap the benefits. Be sure to supplement this with plenty of water as well, since coffee acts as a diuretic.

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