Help Those Healthy Habits Stay Put With These Simple Tips

As you will hear any other nutritionist or healthcare professional say to you, one of the most important things that anyone can do when trying to live a healthier lifestyle is to establish healthy habits as soon as they can. While it is not too difficult to understand how and why habits can have a cascade effect into a healthier lifestyle overall, it can certainly be challenging to integrate these new habits into your life, let alone work to actually stick to them on a regular basis.

I know that I personally have a hard time establishing new habits into my routine, as well as making sure they stay firmly put into my life, despite my best intentions and optimistic desires. This is why I decided to do some reading on how to make and keep good habits, which is how I ended up coming across an article by Care 2 that deals with this very topic.

In the article, I learned about some fantastic and easy ways to make good habits stick, and I am happy to share what I learned in the article right here with you. The good news is that these super useful tips can be applied to virtually any area of life, whether the habits that you are trying to maintain relate to dietary, mental health, or family issues and concerns.

One easy yet very effective thing that you can do for yourself in order to get a healthy habit to stick is to create some sort of trigger for that habit. For example, many people place a sticker somewhere they look often, and they learn to associate the sticker with a healthy thought or behavior. I personally have a small circular sticker on the back of my phone to remind me to stay grounded whenever I experience a bout of anxiety. 

It may help you to create a sort of challenge for yourself, especially if you are the naturally competitive type. You can create a 30 day challenge in which your goal is to head to the gym at least 20 of those days. If you add an incentive, such as rewarding yourself with a massage at the end of the month if you succeed, you may find it easier to complete this goal. Best of all, the habit you challenged yourself to accomplish during that month long period will more than likely stick long after the challenge is done! 

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