Expert Chiropractic Care in Englewood Relieves TMJ Troubles

What is TMJ disorder? you might ask ask. TMJ disorder is acute or chronic inflammation of the temporomandibular joint (which is the connective tissue between your mandible and skull), with the most common causes varying from bruxism (aka teeth grinding), excessive nail biting, trauma, and degenerative joint diseases. In actuality, TMJ disorder is surprisingly common.

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Two of the most frequent symptoms of TMJ disorder include discomfort and pain in your jaw, chewing troubles, earaches, headaches (with migraines included), dizziness, neck pain, and even shoulder pain.

Oftentimes, TMJ disorder symptoms can be dealt with using home remedies and lifestyle alterations. Sometimes you can figure them out on your own– but other times, you might need help from a medical professional. If the root of your TMJ disorder is bruxism, for example, a dentist can help– but if its cause comes from neck pain, approaching a dentist for help would be the least of your concerns. Naturally, you’ll want to approach a medical professional that’s tied to your realm of pain. Occasionally, treatment options can include surgical avenues, too.

Still, chiropractic care has been found to help with TMJ in many cases, with anecdotal evidence going to show that a patient’s condition was improved following consistent chiropractic work.

Even the most cynical of chiropractic care acknowledge that chiropractic treatment is effective at treating a plethora of typical problems including neck and shoulder pain– which is one of the common symptoms of TMJ disorder.

So if you or a loved one suffers from TMJ disorder and are having a difficult time improving symptoms, come stop by The Joint …the chiropractic place to find out just what your mandible’s been missing. Located at 3702 River Point Pkwy, Unit D, The Joint offers affordable chiropractic services each day that promise to put your health and wellness first.



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