Could Your Selfie Hurt Your Self-Esteem?


When it comes to our nation’s increasing obsession with selfies, is it any wonder we’re simultaneously trying to “improve our image” like never before?

It’s called plastic surgery, folks– and it’s the ultimate example of the ways that people’s self-esteem is changing all throughout the nation.

Take dental hygienist Jennifer Reynolds, whose naturally self-conscious personality was magnified once the selfie age came out in full force. She was never comfortable with selfies or being tagged in pictures on social media, but after choosing to have plastic surgery done on her nose, she now feels primed for the social media stratosphere– and beyond.

“I definitely feel more comfortable right now with my looks,” Reynolds admits. “If I need to take a selfie,” she goes on, “I would have no problem.”

Well isn’t that just picture perfect.

But if the recent spike in plastic surgery cases and depression levels across America isn’t telling enough, selfie-centric decisions to go “all-in” on plastic represents a deeper issue than any nose job or nip tuck can fix.

But that hasn’t kept people like Reynolds from spending thousands of dollars for the quick-fix cover up, though. Today, thousands of people are turning to plastic surgeons to “enhance their image,” while still more are employing make-up artists to help make their appearance more self(ie)-centered.

Dr. Sam Rizk, a Manhattan-based plastic surgeon, agrees that not everyone who requests plastic surgery really needs it– though many come in with selfies to share in an attempt to offer evidence for why they do.

“I refuse a significant proportion of patients with selfies because I believe it is not a real image of what they actually look like in person,” he admits, before also saying that many people “get upset” when he lets them know surgery isn’t necessary.

“Too many selfies,” he goes on, shows a personal self-obsession mired in unworked-out insecurities– insecurities that are only made worse with each selfie taken, reminding us of otherwise-unnoticeable imperfections that we’ve focused on so intently for so many clicks of the camera that it’s become the elephant in our own twisted mental room. I am even tempted to say that it might be time to do away with selfies forever! Yeah– like that’s going to happen.

So cheer up all you teenagers, young adults, and general social media connoisseurs: the self-absolved solution to your last bad selfie can be found in the your very next camera click– if you take it right.

Or it could be many dollars– and altered appearances– away.


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