Could Your Friends Be Making You Fat?

A Dutch study found that social situations which make us unknowingly eat more or exercise less, shine light on the subtle tendency involved with how others’ behavior can impact our own.


What’s more, these often unconscious reactions to social situations that cause us to eat more are probably more common than we think.

Think about it: many of the most common encounters we have with our friends involve eating more than we do when we’re alone. Whether it’s going out together to have a bite, or meeting at a friend’s place to celebrate a birthday. That’s because, when we’re with friends, we are constantly receiving and transmitting information that speak to the expected norm, whether it’s conscious or not. Oftentimes, we could be having such a blast that we don’t even realize how many plates we’ve cleaned before our waistline is forced to remind us.

During these social interactions, try saying no to a drink. It doesn’t have to be all the time, as you probably don’t want to feel like you are committing a social sin, culminating in responses like “but its just one drink!” 

The biggest tip is to always be prepared. You can do this by sticking with a list of scripts you can use to get out of such social instances if you have no other way out.

Here are a few great quotes to use when pressured to overeat with your friends:

“These appetizers are too good! I am cutting myself off so I can have room for a tasty dinner!”

“That looks tasty, but my doctor won’t let me have that. Sorry!”

“I’d normally love a drink, but I’m heading back to work later. I need to stay mindful!”

Perhaps try using some of your own buddy responses and make sure to practice them until you’re comfortable. If you find yourself in tough situations, you could be surprised with how simple they can make waistline-worthy decisions.

Always remember to consult your physician or chiropractor before taking any health advice.

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