Chiropractic Management in Englewood Pinpoints Pregnancy Pains

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The symptom relief experienced following chiropractic care can extend to the most serious of health conditions, such as Parkinson’s disease and even cancer. Knowing this, it’s about time you invested your time in chiropractic care to realize the relief it offers for a slew of other health conditions, too, ranging from vertigo to lower back pain!

The medical practices used in first-world countries today are rightfully beginning to celebrate the numerous benefits sourced from chiropractic care across the world. Chiropractic care, an alternative therapy technique that continually yields positive results in research, is no longer being rendered inappropriate by even the most old-fashioned of medical practitioners.

Specifically, when looking at women having to endure pregnancy-related low back pains, recent research focused on whether musculoskeletal and obstetric management (MOM) of the chiropractic variety could manage “pain, impairment, and disability” during the antepartum period, compared with standard obstetric care.

A randomized trial consisting of 169 women was performed. Initial analyses took place at 24-28 weeks’ gestation, while follow-up examinations occurred at 33 weeks’ gestation. The Numerical Rating Scale (NRS) for pain and the Quebec Disability Questionnaire (QDQ) were used to evaluate results. Both groups of women received normal obstetric care, while Doctors of Chiropractic administered manual therapy along with stabilization exercises.

It was found that the MOM group had noticeably lower pain levels when measured using Numerical Rating Scale scores, as well as Quebec Disability Questionnaire scores, from study’s beginning to end. Meanwhile, the group administered standard obstetric care showed no noteworthy improvements.

In conclusion, employing an approach that involves chiropractic care for patients suffering low back and pelvic pain during pregnancy, is more helpful than normal obstetric care. For many women, pregnancy is a painful and confusing time; especially if it is a woman’s first time having a child. All sorts of physical and mental adjustments need to be made during this time, and expectant mothers should add taking care of their chiropractic health to the list of things to work on. 

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