Chiropractic Care To Help Relieve Carpal Tunnel Symptoms in Englewood


The JointWhen it comes to patients afflicted with carpal tunnel syndrome, could chiropractic care provide potential relief?

While chiropractic care has been seen to help alleviate symptoms of many health problems and pain symptoms, chiropractic manipulation’s effect on syndromes like carpal tunnel could also be exceptional.

That’s because a study looked to find whether or not chiropractic manipulation could relieve carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) using specific clinical features. The study used a 42-yr-old female suffering from pain, tingling, and general numbness in her right wrist. Paresthesia along the C6 dermatome, along with a positive Phalen’s test and Tinel’s sign, were used in conjuction with the research, while EMG testing confirmed initial clinical diagnosis of CTS.

Following initial tests, chiropractic manipulations were administered to the patient three times each week during a four-week study span to the subject’s cervical spine, right elbow, and right wrist. This was administered through the use of a low amplitude, short lever, low force, high velocity thrust. A noticeable improvement in grip strength and normalization of motor and sensory latencies occurred following chiropractic therapy. Orthopedic tests showed up to be negative afterwards, while symptoms dissolved.

In conclusion, chiropractic used in this case study made a noticeable difference in both objective and subjective outcomes. Continued investigations using double-blind, cross-over designs with greater sample sizes are also meritable.

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