Chiropractic Care In Englewood Is Anything But A Pain In The Neck

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Chiropractic care is ready to relieve even your most persistent neck aches and pains. There’s proof in a recent study, too; the study looked to develop treatment recommendations for nonspecific neck pain in adults and uncovered chiropractic as a viable solution.

The researchers looked at 41 randomized controlled trials that met a specific inclusion criteria and offered a low bias risk, in hopes of developing 11 separate treatment recommendations. There were strong recommendations made for chronic neck pain treatment through the use of chiropractic manipulation, manual therapy, and exercise when accompanying other modalities. Furthermore, powerful recommendations were made for chronic neck pain treatment using stretching, strengthening, and exercises of the endurance variety. It was also concluded that acute neck pain could experience sufficient relief through chronic manipulation and mobilization mixed with various other modalities. Also, the treatment of chronic neck pain could be experienced through mobilization along with massage in coalition with other therapies. Acute neck pain did not experience sufficient relief through exercise alone, however. Thoracic manipulation and trigger point therapy also shouldn’t be individually recommended as viable treatment methods. Furthermore, nerve stimulation, specific laser therapy, and traction failed to show their worth in regards to offering significant improvement for chronic neck pain symptoms.

In conclusion, interventions frequently used during chiropractic care therapy were witnessed to provide relief for, and improve, symptoms of both acute and long-term neck pain. Greater benefit has been found in numerous instances involving multimodal approaches for neck pain discomfort.

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Always remember to consult your physician or chiropractor before taking any health advice.

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