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Could chiropractic care’s relief efforts extend all the way to brain disorders of the progressive variety?

Parkinson’s disease is essentially a death sentence for many older Americans today, with symptoms characterized by uncontrollable shaking (tremors) and difficulty with walking, movement, and coordination. This progressive nerve disorder afflicted one 67-year-old woman a few years ago, as a 2011 report looked to provide relief for the Parkinson’s patient through the administration of upper cervical chiropractic care.

The older woman was presented to a private facility with an atlas subluxation complex along with early indicators of Parkinson’s disease symptoms including weakness, tremors, scoliosis, and extreme rigidity.

During a six month trial period, the patient was administered chiropractic care 19 times and was adjusted 12 times using a specific protocol. Radiographic measurement improvements, paraspinal thermography, and sEMG were all recorded. The patient also submitted self-reports of weakness, tremor, rigidity, and overall mobility improvements that abounded beyond expectations.

It was ultimately found that the upper cervical subluxation could be a contributing factor in the symptomatic countenance of Parkinson’s disease. A decrease in the subluxation with specific vectored correction could be a safe and effective treatment approach when it comes to PD maintenance. Continued research is viable for analyzing the impacts of upper cervical care in relation to Parkinson’s Disease (PD).

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