Chiropractic Care Has Patients Seeing Clearly Now in Englewood

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Do the far-reaching impacts of chiropractic therapy have any bounds?

Chiropractic care has already been linked with symptom relief of various health difficulties, like those as commonplace as repetitive stress and as severe as cerebral palsy. And that’s not all: it’s frequently even considered the top alternative therapy method for managing health problems like infant colic, otitis media, and even cancer!

One study used a 25-year-old female patient afflicted with congenital glaucoma who was seeking chiropractic therapy for symptoms like the spinal discomfort, persistent headaches, and chronic migraines she was experiencing. Advanced optic disk cupping was witnessed, and a substantial loss of vision was evident; she was nearly completely blind. A three-degree location of central vision, as well as a small spot of peripheral light sensitivity had stayed pretty stable for the previous three years following a trabeculectomy approach that had left her with intraocular hypotony.

Prior to intervention, chiropractic spinal manipulative therapy was considered a valid option; it could bring about a positive result in visual ability, researchers hoped. Before administering this form of chiropractic care, an ophthalmologic evaluation was conducted, and visual performance was watched through a valid therapy course.

After the woman’s initial therapy session, she noticed substantial visual field improvement in her still-functioning eye. Furthermore, maximum improvement of significant resolution was achieved following one week and four therapy sessions of chiropractic care. It was found that the total monocular visual field had improved from about two percent to about 20 percent of normal. Better still, the patient’s corrected central acuity showed improvement from 6/12 to a much-better 6/9. An independent reevaluation administered by the patient’s normal ophthalmic surgeon further verified these findings.

In conclusion, massive resolution of vision in this woman was both a surprising and remarkable end result, bringing about the question regarding whether chiropractic therapy in this fashion could be of importance for the management of visual field loss of the glaucoma variety.

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