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Could chiropractic care provide relief for even the really, really bad cases of back pain?  

A study recently looked to compare the effectiveness of both manual and mechanical chiropractic techniques, more specifically spinal manipulation methods, for patients suffering from painful recurrences of acute low back pain. Such back pain is one of the most frequently-seen conditions that has been effectively relieved through the spinal manipulation regularly employed by chiropractors; that being said, evidence is lacking regarding chiropractic care’s effectiveness compared with traditional medical care in the relief of such pain.

Study researchers separated participants suffering from acute low back pain into three groups, which included contemporary traditional medical care, “manual side-posture manipulation, and mechanical manipulation.” The main results witnessed were self-reported improvements in pain and disability scores obtained initially at baseline and again at study’s conclusion. These findings were particularly noticeable when comparing outcomes of the manual manipulation group.

In fact, manual manipulation showed a clinically-relevant reduction of both disability and pain ratings, compared to mechanical manipulation and prototypical medical care. No significant adjusted mean differences were found between the mechanical manipulation and normal medical care in regards to pain and disability.

In conclusion, it was found that manual chiropractic manipulation led to greater improvements for acute back pain in subjective disability and pain, compared with mechanical adjustments and normal medical treatments.

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