Chiropractic Care Could Be Effective For Epileptic Relief in Englewood

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Could chiropractic care extend its relief efforts to patients with epilepsy?

A review hoped to uncover proven results from the chiropractic management of a patient afflicted with both low back pain and persistent epileptic seizures. Furthermore, it was also discussed alongside with current epileptic concepts; these included neurological side effects of the chiropractic adjustment that may be present at areas of subluxation and its overall effectiveness.

Using a 21-year-old woman suffering from low back pain who’d fainted at night and hit her head, baseline research facts found the woman had been diagnosed with grand mal (tonicclonic) seizures since her childhood, not to mention petit mal seizures. Sadly, she endured seizures about once every three hours, with each lasting between about 10 sec and 30 min. Further examination noticed indications of subluxation dysfunction at different spinal columns. No evidence was found of cranial nerve participation or upper motor neuron lesion. Radiographic examination showed retrolisthesis at the L5 spinal segment, hyperextension of the C6-C7 motion segment, and hypolordosis of the cervical spine.

The woman received chiropractic care through a specific maneuver known as the Gonstead technique; this method was administered to the subluxations seen at the thoracic, cervical, and lumbopelvic region. Shortly following this adjustment, the patient admitted to both her low back pain and neck pain feeling substantial improvement, while her seizure frequency lowered. During her 18-month follow-up evaluation, the patient said her low back pain had been resolved, while her seizure symptoms dropped substantially, too.

In conclusion, these results push for continued investigation of potential neurological sequalae (like epileptic seizures) and their connection with spinal problems considered as vertebral subluxation complexes, and possible treatment by chiropractic care.

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