Chiropractic Adjustments May Relieve Hearing Loss in Sheridan, CO

The JointCan chiropractic therapy help relieve patients with hearing loss?

In order to chronicle symptom reports, multiple chiropractic assessments and adjustments during a seven-year period using a patient afflicted with neck pain and problematic ear symptoms similar with Meniere’s syndrome, Robert Cowin and Peter Bryner studied a 43-year-old female in 2002.

The Study

The woman had been injured years before in a motor vehicle accident, suffering repetitive exacerbations of otherwise constant neck pain. Eventually, she developed aural symptoms reminiscent of severe otalgia, hearing problems, tinnitus, and dizziness that grew stronger and weaker in severity with her neck pain.

The researchers administered repeated chiropractic adjustments with a modified Pettibon adjusting device. During the seven years of observation, the subject continued to indicate having a significant reduction in symptom severity following these adjustments, with symptom relief lingering up to two months. Consistent with the normal route of Meniere’s syndrome, a comprehensive deterioration was observed during the patient’s observation period. Hearing oscillated in relative synchrony with alterations in angular displacements of upper cervical vertebrae during the study’s duration.


Clinical observation over an extended time helps to understand the process of chronic disorders. This patient encountered notably improved symptoms with chiropractic therapy during the seven-year observation duration. The repeated exacerbation of neck pain is noteworthy, because it frequently comes before exacerbation in ear symptoms, and the relief of both after adjustment indicates a connection between better hearing and ameliorate cervical alignment.

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