Best Stretches to Relieve Leg and Foot Cramps

Muscle cramps are some of the most common physical issues experienced by most people at some point in their lives. For many more people, muscle cramps are a regular occurrence, especially in the legs and feet. Leg and foot cramps can be very uncomfortable, and even downright painful, which is why it’s good to be informed of ways to relieve the pain while it’s happening. From one cramp-sufferer to another, here are some of the best stretches to perform while you’re in the midst of a painful spasm.

Toe Stretches

One toe stretch involves raising your heel off the ground to the point where only your toes and the ball of your foot is touching the floor. Hold this position for five seconds before slowly lowering the foot. I tend to do this stretch naturally in the heat of the moment, and it always helps me.

Another toe stretch that may help is if you flex your foot in such a manner that your big toe is pointing towards a specific direction, straight ahead of you. Hold this position for five seconds and repeat as needed. 

Some people also find relief from performing a toe curl. To do this, slowly curl each one of your toes as far under your foot as they can go. Like the other stretches, hold this position for at least five seconds before releasing and repeating as often as is needed. 

In addition to performing certain stretches, there are other ways you can inadvertantly stretch out your toes, as well as your leg and feet muscles to the point where the spasms subside. 

Marble Pick-Up

If you happen to have 20 or so marbles lying around, place them all on the floor. Now grab a bowl and place those marbles into the bowl … using only your toes. At the very least, concentrating on such a weird task may take your focus off the pain you’re experiencing. 

Walk Through the Sand

If you happen to live by a beach or a playground, or you just happen to have a Zen garden in your backyard, take a walk through the sand. This can provide a comforting massage for your feet and end spasms and cramping in the area. 

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