Are Your Dietary Habits Ruining Your Mood?

Have you ever noticed that sometimes you feel very irritable for seemingly no reason at all? Or that you suddenly are quick to get angry or annoyed during long stretches between meals?

If you haven’t, you are either extremely dedicated to being healthy, or you may want to take a closer look and ask yourself these questions again. If you have, there’s no need to be alarmed, because it turns out that your diet and your eating habits have a lot of influence over your mood throughout the day.

If you really think about it, it makes complete sense. Food is vital to our survival, and our ability to function each and every day. If you’re not getting enough of it, or if you’re consuming the wrong kinds of foods for your body, of course you’re going to be in a sour mood as a result.

I wanted to know if I was correct in my suspicion that eating primarily processed foods, such as chips and cookies, tends to make me more irritable throughout the rest of that day. That’s when I came across a great and highly informative article by Natural News that essentially confirmed my suspicions, and then some. Here’s what I learned.

The main takeaway, and it certainly makes a great deal of sense to me, is that if your body isn’t getting the proper nutrients it needs to function, it will not be able to sustain the chemical signals needed to encourage a clear sense of focus and a positive mood. There are a few common bad habits and mistakes that many of us tend to make that don’t really help us when it comes to boosting our moods.

Some people are under the impression that if they want to lose weight, they need to eat less and skip meals more often. Unfortunately, this tends to have a wide range of negative effects on a person, including inducing a bad mood. When a person is hungry, their brain has a harder time sustaining appropriate levels of serotonin, which is the chemical that’s responsible for staying calm and feeling happy. A brain that’s deprived of food also tends to increase levels of stress inthe body.

Now, what if you’re eating plenty of food? Well, if it’s processed food, you’re still in trouble. These junk and artificial foods aren’t giving your body the nutrients it needs to sustain itself, so naturally, you will feel more irritable and angry as a result. Be sure to eat plenty of small, healthy meals and snacks throughout the day, and your mood should stabilize. 

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