Are Things Found Everywhere Raising Your Risk For Certain Cancer?


A new study published in the National Institutes of Health (NIH) journal, Environmental Health Perspectives, says that you can decrease your risk for breast cancer by staying away from some everyday chemicals- and because it found that animal tests can predict potential human breast carcinogens, this could be a big move towards comprehensive breast cancer prevention as it widens the list of breast cancer initiators. Since only about 10 percent of breast cancers are genetically-based, this is very important, with scientists confirming their belief that environment plays a pivotal role in the specific cancer’s onset.

The report found enough evidence for women to begin avoiding these everyday things in order to lower their breast cancer risk:

Charred Food

Burning food or heating cooking oils to the point that they’re smoking could elicit harmful carcinogens into both the air and your food.


This material may help insulate and lower your energy bills, but don’t eat or drink anything from this material- it was recently monikered a “reasonably anticipated human carcinogen.”

Toxic Couches

While more affordable flame-retardant-free couches are on their way to the market, they might not be easily accessible yet.

Stain-Resistant, Non-Stick Things

These have been linked to thyroid disease, obesity, and cancer because of the chemical floating on their surface.

Dangerous Dry-Cleaning Chemicals

Perchloroethylene dry cleaning is considered a “probable” human carcinogen with connections to liver, kidney, and nervous system damage- for your own safety, choose safer options.

Contaminants Floating in Unfiltered Drinking Water

Your own drinking water could be tainted with water disinfection byproducts and chemical farming chemicals.

Gas or Exhaust Fumes

Gasoline and chemicals made from combustion of benzene and butadiene are some of the greatest sources of mammary carcinogens in the common atmosphere.

Chemical-Filled Dust Bunnies

Many of the toxic chemicals on the report’s high-priority list end up in household dust particles, which sucks in tiny toxic compounds.

Cigarette Smoke

There are tons of reasons why you should quit smoking or simply stay away from secondhand smoke already- but there’s another, as the smoke carries cancer-causing materials like styrene, benzene, and 1,3-Butadiene, which are frequently seen in Styrofoam cups and tailpipe exhaust, too!  

Ink-Jet Printers

Many printers spit out aromatic amines, benzidine, and aniline dyes- all combustion products specifically linked to cancer.

Common Driveway Sealant

No longer legally used on roadways, coal tar sealants are actually still available for use on blacktop in parking lots and home driveways, which transform to dust particles quickly.

Grilled Meat

Heterocyclic amines and PAHs formed from grilling meat are both associated with cancer.


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