4 Killer Pre-Meditation Yoga Warm-Ups For Dropping Fat Fast


Before beginning a meditation workout, it’s a good choice to engage yourself in a warm-up first. The warm-up shouldn’t be for more than five minutes, though– or until your spine feels more relaxed and flexible than when you began your warm-up activity.

If your current workout goal is to burn fat, though, there are a variety of warm-up workouts you should employ beforehand.

Whatever pre-workout exercise you use, make sure to end in the Corpse position, which has a person comfortably lying on their back on a mat before swinging their arms between one and 1½ feet away from their body (with palms facing up). Then, a person extends each leg to its respective corner of the mat and relaxes.

But let’s look at some great pre-meditation, fat-busting yoga warm-ups!

#1: Plank 

This clever warm-up pose is indicative of the “up” position of a push-up. In it, your arms should be extended with your legs straight behind you. Hold this pose for ten seconds– or as long as you can– for a killer ab-maker.

#2: Rock ‘n’ Roll Push-up

Start with the plank position, and then bring your right knee towards your chest. Next, bring your right thigh towards your body’s midline and hold your elevated right thigh into your body. Hold this for ten seconds and repeat it with the other leg.

#3: Dolphin

Start on your hands and knees, then slowly move your hands forward until your body rests up against your elbows. Your arms should be parallel with one another now. Close your hands together; your forearms should now form a kind of triangle shape. Finally, tuck your toes under you, straighten your legs, raise your hips upwards, and hold for ten seconds.

#4: Crow

For this warm-up, start in a squat position and put your hands flat on the ground so they’re shoulder-width apart. Also, your arms should be bent. Next, come on to your tiptoes, raise your hips toward the sky, and scoot your feet towards your hands. Then you’ll want to slowly transfer your weight forward towards your hands until each knee sits on each upper arm. The further you go, the more your feet will float up behind you while your toes eventually touch one another.

Always remember to consult your physician or chiropractor before taking any health advice.

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